Iatrism cross

IATRISM CROSS is a trademark of “IATRISM”, which is also called health and medical concept.

It is red cross composed by four kinds of geometric design and alphabetical letter of IATRISM.

Red color describes synthesizing idea which is blood as symbol of life and “Ki”, “Ketsu”, and “Shineki” in oriental medicine. Similar four different kinds of geometric shapes graphically show that every individual associate with health concept of “IATRISM”. The shape of vertical and horizontal symmetric figure indicates equality for all people in medicine and medical care, and a strong wish of this concept to be delivered to the world.

IATRSIM is composed of a combination of “IATRO”, Greek words for medicine and the suffix “-ISM” meaning philosophy, movement, and theory. Also, it is the philosophy of keeping everyday life well-being as natural as possible through well balanced physical (diet, exercise, and sleep) and emotional health along with building medical knowledge.

People who have a philosophy of IATRISM called “IATRIST” and participate in many fields such as beauty industry, education, child care, elderly care, food industry in addition to medical profession. IATRISM CROSS is a symbol of a philosophy based on IATRISM CHARTER.

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